July 30, 2012

update - homemade ketchup

I posted back in the beginning of June on how I made homemade ketchup. It was really easy to do and tasted just like regular ketchup without any scary ingredients.

Well just the other day I was eating some meatloaf-ish type meal that needed some sauce. I grabbed the ketchup, opened the jar, and found this...
I am not sure when the mold started growing, but assuming it wasn't too long before this, that means the homemade ketchup lasted just under 2 months. So if anyone wants to know the fridge-life of homemade ketchup, there you have it.

I actually do not mind finding things growing on my food. It makes me feel like it is more of a real food when it goes bad.

** Update - I assumed the mold I found (shown above in the picture) 2 months after making the ketchup meant the ketchup had gone bad, so I threw it out. I did not take this as a sign of fermentation. I had someone email me a question and I am not sure if I was not clear in the post above that it had gone bad in my opinion.


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