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Another day, another list of real food gifts. If you missed it, I made a list of 12 stocking stuffers to give to a real foodie. This list is all DIY gifts. Things you can make easily and inexpensively.

  1. Taco seasoning - This is my favorite taco seasoning. I have used it in countless ways including:
    1. Taco dressing
    2. Crockpot chicken
    3. Taco quinoa bites
  2. Vanilla extract - Although this will not be ready right away, you can still give it as a gift and let the recipient know when it will be ready to use.
  3. Hot chocolate mix - This mix has all real food ingredients. Nothing scary or over-processed.
  4. Gingerbread spice mix - Gingerbread just seems Christmas-y to me. 
  5. Portable smoothie mixes - This is a perfect real food gift for those who love smoothies, or for anyone that is planning on eating healthy after the new year. (isn't that pretty much everyone?)
  6. Homemade magic shell - Who know what ingredients are lurking in the store-bought kind. Why bother when it is super simple to make your own. 

Did I forget any? Leave your ideas in the comments!
12 real food stocking stuffers - suzyhomemaker.net

With Christmas right around the corner, there isn't much time left for shopping. But I put together this list of 12 stocking stuffers for the real foodie in your life. 

  1. microplane zester
  2. candy thermometer
  3. salt keeper
  4. herb scissors
  5. organic chocolate
  6. grass-fed beef sticks
  7. gelatin
  8. measuring cups
  9. organic coffee
  10. dinner conversation starters
  11. measuring spoons
  12. Chocolate hazelnut butter in individual packs.
Hope this list helps any last minute shoppers!

8 ways to make and use lard - suzyhomemaker.net

My last real food abc's post was all about lard. I wanted to help you on your journey to eat more real food by giving you some ideas on how to make lard yourself, more about the benefits of lard, and some recipes to use lard.

real food abcs - lard

L for Lard

Lard, or pig fat, is actually not that bad and can be a real food and a part of a real food diet. By now I don't think it will surprise many people that I have lard as part of the real food abc series. I have already promoted butter and saturated-fat laden coconut oil. The next fat I want to talk about is lard. 

What is lard?

Lard is pig fat. Any fat on the pig can give you lard, but the best fat comes from the "leaf" or the fat that surrounds the kidneys and loin. 

Why use Lard?


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