April 23, 2014

5 things I learned about the real food abc's series

5 things I learned about the real food abc series | suzyhomemaker.net

If you have been following along, I just finished my real food abc series. I went through each letter of the alphabet and highlighted some aspect of real food that starts with that letter.

If you missed any of the letters, you can catch up on the real food abc page.

Here are 5 things I learned about my real food journey:

1. Finding real food that starts with each letter can be a challenge. There were some letters, like X, that I needed to be creative. I think it worked, but it wasn't always easy.

2. Most of the real food items I featured are already a daily or weekly part of what I eat. Practicing what I preach :)

3. There was one item that although I like, I might not continue to buy it. It was M. The reason is because I am also on a quest to simplify our home and kitchen and have thus challenged myself to only have a 100 ingredient kitchen. And M just didn't make the cut at this time. (having only 100 ingredients - including spices - is hard!)

4. I should have had more follow-up posts and recipes for each letter. If I could go back and plan better I would have provided you with much more information.

5. My favorite abc post? I think I would go with H for How much homemade. I think it sums up not only the series but my blog as well and what I hope people take away when they read it.

Which letter was your favorite? Did you change anything after reading the series?

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