my life-changing one year oil anniversary |

I am celebrating an anniversary today!!
I was so skeptical. It took me 6 months of researching and watching friends before I took the plunge. I wasn’t sure it was worth the money, wasn’t sure of the hype, was wondering if it was just another network marketing scheme. Then, exactly one year today I received my life changing essential oil starter kit.
And to say it was life changing is not an exaggeration. I know many friends and family see me talk about oils. Some may roll their eyes, others glance at the posts, some may be curious, but I have to say that I am truly floored by how great this year has been and what has happened.
These oils have improved our health tremendously. Not only physically but mentally as well. We are happier and healthier. I have gotten rid of so many other products with questionably toxic ingredients and use the oils now.
And these oils have also allowed me to have my own business and help my family financially. Now I am not going to tell you that I make as much in one month as I ever did in a year at any job I have had. I am not there…yet. But I can say that this has been one of the most fun and rewarding experiences. I have a great team that mentors and supports and educates. We are not about sales at all, we are about helping people use the oils properly. Even if that means they don’t buy from us.
I feel so lucky and blessed to have found oils and to be able to share with my friends and family their benefits and help others on their path to wellness. So if you have been one of the ones to watch my posts and question why I keep sharing about these oils, now you know that this is not some health fad or money making scheme, this is our life. The passion is real, the oils are real, the business is real!

the ONE thing to do to become a morning person |

There was one thing I have done recently to go from being a sleeper- inner (that should totally be a term) to a morning person.

I use the term "morning person" lightly because in my mind a morning person is chipper and excited in the morning; ready to start their day. Although I am up and out of bed, I would not say I was chipper. I am definitely needing my coffee.

I have a list of a few things that I have done to help get myself out of bed and get the day started, however, I feel that their is ONE thing that has made the biggest impact on my morning routine. I think even if I didn't do the other things on my list, this one thing would still get me out of bed.

So what is that one thing?


Why what, you ask? My why. What is my why for waking up and getting myself out of bed early. When I came up with my why and started reminding myself of it every night before going to sleep and every morning when the alarm goes off, getting myself out of bed has been much easier.

Everyones why will be different. My why is because I want to get as much work done on my computer before my daughter wakes up, so that during the day, I am not on the computer much. I want to give her more focused attention.

When I think about my daughter and realizing how fast time goes by, I do not want to miss much. But I also know that in order to succeed and achieve the goals I have set for myself, I need to work. I need to be on the computer. So waking up early, before my daughter, is a way for me to balance my day between work and family.

So if you want to become a morning person, ask yourself:

What is my why for getting up early?
5 reasons you need essential oils in your life |

It's no secret I am a big fan of essential oils. And it is NOT because I choose to also make money from them. I truly love them, use them daily, continue to learn about their powerful benefits, and recommend them to everyone and anyone.

Here are 5 reasons you need essential oils in your life including some of the science behind them.

5 reason you need essential oils in your life from suzy supnet

For more info on essential oils visit
1000 in 100 simplifying challenge |

Are you in need of some simplifying, decluttering, purging, minimizing? Maybe you had a goal or New Year's Resolution to declutter your house. Then this challenge is right up your alley.

Decluttering and living a more minimalistic life can be so rewarding for your health. You are less stressed, you have more time to spend with family and friends. More time for taking care of your health, exercising, cooking, etc because you are spending less time cleaning and organizing your home.

I have been on a minimalism kick for over 2 years now and I still feel like I have so much stuff that could be donated or thrown away. So the first of this year I thought I would do a 2016 in 2016 challenge where I got rid of 2016 things this year. But that is a long time and I want stuff gone now.

Then I thought let me really push myself and get rid of 2016 things just in January. Unfortunately, I cannot spend countless hours every day going through things. So I think I am only at about 200, maybe a bit more.

So I came up with this 1000 in 100 challenge. I feel like it is doable but isn't such a long span of time where I could slack off and procrastinate. And this morning when I looked at what day is 100 days from now, I saw that it was April 30; the end of the month, the end of my birthday month, close to the beginning of spring. It all seems to fall in line. (and yes, I am typing out a blog post instead of cleaning out a closet that I had planned on doing :) )

So if you are looking to declutter and simplify your life, maybe you should take this challenge as well. Although I am starting this in January, you could start it whenever you want. So if you are reading this April 1st you could try for 1000 things 100 days from that date.

honey yogurt mask |

Making homemade beauty products not only decreases the amount of toxins your body is exposed too, many times it can be less expensive and simple.

This honey yogurt face mask is one example. You may already have honey and yogurt in your kitchen, so you would not have to buy any new products. And if it is safe to eat, it may be safe to put on your skin.

This mask also has ingredients that help support skin regeneration and is great if you have dry sensitive skin.


~1/4 cup plain yogurt - the lactic acid in yogurt can be a very gentle exfoliator
~1 Tbsp raw honey - honey is a humectant - which attracts mositure and brings it to your skin
4 drops Frankincense essential oil - Frankincense oil is fantastic for skin. It is very nourishing and has properties that help with skin regeneration.
4 drops Gentle Baby Essential Oil - Gentle Baby is an oil blend, with Geranium, Palmarosa and Rose which are moisturizing and also help support elasticity of the skin, along with other oils that are beneficial for healthy skin.


Mix all ingredients in a container. Place a thick layer on your face and let sit for about 5 minutes. Wash off with a gentle washcloth or just your hands.

my word of the year: consistency |

This year, my "word of the year" is consistency.

Last year was the first year I did a word of the year. I think I had heard about only 2 years ago but did not participate then. Instead I had done my usual New year's resolutions and goals. Then last year the word Joy kept popping up.

It started with the book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up(aff.) She mentions only keeping things that sparked Joy. So I did a ton of decluttering and purging and tried to only keep things that gave me Joy. I also started using essential oils and although I would have never thought to buy Joy oil for myself, it quickly became a favorite.

This year, as I was thinking of what my word would be, consistency immediately came up. I brushed it off because it is not very passionate or sexy or emotional. Joy brings up happiness. I've seen some people's word of the year love, forgiveness, grace, authentic. In comparison to those words, consistency seems, well, boring.

But as I kept thinking about it, I was drawn to that word. No other word spoke to me. I knew in my heart, that was my word. So instead of fighting it, I embraced it.

And maybe a week later, in one of my newsfeeds, a review of this book The Art of Persistence (aff) showed up. I read a sample and realized not only was it exactly what I needed to read at this time, but also, that my choosing the word consistency was right on. It was a sign :)

So this year I will focus on being more consistent with everything. I know it will not happen overnight. It will take time to build this skill, but I already see myself changing and putting it into action.

What is your word of the year? 

Need help with your goals? Make a wall calendar

Homemade air freshener spray |

I hate smells. Well not all smells, but artificial, perfumy smells are not my thing. Unfortunately, depending on the weather, I cannot always open a window to air out odor. So to get rid of the smell, in the past we would spray room freshener. Then I take a towel or pillow and attempt to fan the scent out.

Not only are the smells of store-bought fresheners nauseating, but when you look at some of the ingredients, they might make you queazy as well.

Benzisothiazolinone - possible immune system toxicant; irritating to eyes, skin, or lungs; possible organ system toxicity for use around the mouth/on the lips.

Most homemade air fresheners have baking soda in them. I tried it and I did not like that. The problem was that the baking soda clogged up my spray and would never stay suspended in the liquid. So one batch I decided to leave it out and it worked great.

This air freshener smells 100 times better than a store-bought spray.

1 cup vodka - you can use any kind; don't waste the good stuff (I have however used the good stuff when I did not have any cheap vodka lying around. I don't think #1 noticed and I am helping his liver)
1 cup water
20 drops essential oil - I think peppermint is my favorite, but purification works great. There are really so many to choose from

Mix in a spray bottle and enjoy the smell of natural ingredients.


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