These grain free pumpkin cocoa muffins are very moist and perfect for fall.

These pumpkin mini muffins are super moist and low in sugar. These are made with coconut flour, which has a high amount of fiber and is grain free. 

If you have never worked with coconut flour before, it can definitely be tricky. Coconut flour soaks up moisture and usually needs extra eggs in recipes. So if you want to experiment and improvise, like I like to do, just be careful with your ratios. I have ruined many a coconut flour recipe while experimenting :)

This post is a spotlight on Spirulina, why it is nutritious, how it supports your body, and how it can elevate your wellness. I recently started using Spirulina more as I am healing from eye surgery. I have been increasing the nutrients I get every day to help my body heal and keep up my energy. Spirulina is one food I use daily. As I research and learn more about it, I am fascinated with how nutritious it is.

Real maple syrup is always in our house, unfortunately so is the highly processed fake stuff - battle of the breakfast syrups.

There is a little war that goes on in our house every Sunday. It happens over our traditional Sunday breakfast of homemade waffles that #1 makes.

simple recipe for teriyaki chicken taco casserole |

Teriyaki chicken is such a great flavor. I love teriyaki chicken in tacos. I used to work at a restaurant in SoCal and they had really great teriyaki tacos. Along with the teriyaki chicken, they used jack cheese, pineapples, lettuce and green onions.

I wanted to recreate that taco but in an easier to make, easier to eat casserole. This teriyaki chicken taco casserole is exactly what I was hoping for.

When you can substitute lime oil or lime juice in recipes and when you don't want to.

Essential oils* used in cooking, like lime vitality essential oil can be a great addition to many recipes. The flavor that essential oils bring to recipes cannot be matched by juice or an extract.

However, there are recipes and ingredients where simply substituting with an essential oil will actually not enhance the flavor of that recipe.

This video explains when you can substitute lime essential oil for lime juice and when you will just want to add lime oil without substituting for the juice.

zucchini mock and cheese cupcakes |

This simple recipe for zucchini mac and cheese only has 8 ingredients and can be a main dish or a side.

Using zucchini for macaroni in a macaroni and cheese dish is a great way to use up zucchini, get more veggies in, make a low-carb pasta, or just change things up.

oils to use for cooking besides olive oil |

Originally I was looking for alternatives to olive oil. Why...
As strange as this sounds, I am not a huge fan of extra virgin olive oil (EVOO). Yes, I know. Blah, Blah, Blah healthy. Yadda, yadda, yadda monounsaturated fats. Blah, blah, blah, phytonutrients.
My biggest issue with EVOO is the taste. I love the taste of EVOO. Yes, I love the taste of EVOO for:
  • dipping bread
  • Italian salad dressing
  • Italian or Greek dishes 

That pungent, peppery flavor goes great with many things.
But not everything.


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