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suzy&co's mission is to elevate your wellness with simple nutrition and oil information.

suzy&co is a site dedicated to helping you elevate your wellness with a focus on nutrition and essential oils. The information provided is simply stated and back to basics. No complicated recipes, no fancy DIY projects, no medical jargon. But just reading articles about health and wellness does not guarantee change. I hope to provide ways for you to  incorporate healthy food and essential oils into your life so that you can actually improve your health every day. 

The two main topics of suzy&co are nutrition and essential oils.

Posts and articles related to nutrition include basic nutrition information, like nutritients, digestion, ingredients, food labels, etc. There are also recipes that are almost always made with real food ingredients and for the most part are healthy (ok, sometimes I throw in a super yummy dessert, I really enjoy baking, and everyone needs chocolate!). 
I love comparing ingredients in store-bought food to homemade as well. NOW, I don't claim to make everything from scratch, but sometimes it is good to see what things are made of so that YOU can decide what you might want to buy vs make. I tell ya, I no longer look at the ingredients lists of tortillas because it drives me crazy, but every once in a while I still choose to buy them over making them. 

Posts and articles related to essential oils include basic information on different oils, recipes using essential oils, safety information on using oils, and ways you can incorporate essential oils into your life to help you on your road to wellness. 
Essential oils are not a cure-all. Many times people think they are, or perhaps there are people who make it seem like they are miracle oils. I have found they are amazing to bring wellness into balance. They will not replace all medications, but they definitely have a place in in elevating our health and they have a permanent spot in our wellness cabinet. 


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