April 2, 2013

chocolate from a farm?

I have already written a couple times, here and here, how I am kind of a sucker for good marketing. When it comes to food, I love packages that invoke that feeling of natural, artisan, small farm, country.

Now I know (I really do) that a packaging means nothing when it comes to food quality, processing, ingredients, etc. But some packages/marketing can still draw me in. Case in point - Brookside chocolates.


Who wouldn't want to buy chocolate from them. I want to visit that farm and buy directly from the farmer. 

But knowing that most food companies are owned by other companies, I went to their website to look at which food corporation owns this small, artisan chocolatier. I thought it would be hard to find. But no, right on the homepage on the bottom. 

Need a closer look?

Then I went to the FAQ page, one of the questions was

 "Can I get a Factory tour?"

Factory? What factory? 

Just drive up. Enjoy the fresh air. Converse with all the beautiful workers with not a drop of chocolate on the uniforms and not a hair out of place. Maybe they will even let you help pick some berries and dip them yourself. 
And be prepared to do a tasting right then and there...

on the farm...

under a big tree...

at sunset. 

And if you are curious, according to their website..."we do not provide public factory tours."
And no, I have not bought nor do I plan on buying these.

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