October 17, 2013

crockpot freezer ideas - free printable

Crock pot freezer meals - suzyhomemaker.net
If you missed it, this weeks real food ABC was on the freezer. Utilizing your freezer and making freezer meals can help increase real food and decrease boxed meals or eating out.

I created a printable to help you. If you were to use this you could make 5 things in your crockpot (affiliate link)and have enough for ~ 19 meals!!

There are a few things to note:

  1. These are only suggestions and do not include recipes. This is just to give you an idea of what you could do.
  2. Okay technically some of these are not "meals" but they are a good start to create a meal from. 
  3. I was definitely on a Mexican food kick when I wrote this.
  4. The amounts are approximate. If you have a bigger family who eats more, you may not get the same number of freezer items.
  5. Some grocery items are not listed. Things like spices or butter/oil. 
  6. If you do this each night for a week and are wondering about cleaning your crockpot every night, you can use slow cooker liners. Reynolds liners are BPA free. (affiliate link)

Click here for the printable.

real food tip 6: crockpot freezer meals - suzyhomemaker.net

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