March 7, 2016

my consistency blend

If you missed it, my word of 2016 is consistency.

So in order be more consistent, I am doing several things to encourage and support myself. I am using my DIY Wall Calendar,  I am writing more in my planner, I write down tasks and ideas as soon as they pop into my head, I am setting my alarm to wake up at 6am, even though I am not a morning person.

One other thing I have been doing is diffusing essential oils to help promote and encourage consistency.

My consistency blend consists of:

Lemon myrtle - not only does this have a very lemony smell, maybe even more than lemon, it encourages follow through. I can attest that for me, it does seem to give me that push to stop procrastinating and get things done
Copaiba - this oil help enhance the other oils
Rosemary Essential Oil - Rosemary is fantastic to support clarity and thoughts. There has even been studies to support these findings

To find out more about my essential oil story and how to order, visit my suzyandco website.


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