June 28, 2016

price per drop of oil - the vitality line

updated 6.16

Young Living's vitality line of oils are oils that are labeled for ingestion*. These oils are a great way to support your body and wellness for only cents per drop. 

One drop of essential oil contains 40 million-trillion molecules. That is 40 followed by 18 zeros. So each drop of oil is very powerful and has enough molecules to cover your entire body. 

With essential oils, you can use them aromatically - inhaling or smelling them, topically - using them on the skin, or ingesting them - this line is labeled for ingestion. 

Ways to ingest essential oils:

  • Place a drop of two in water and drink
  • Place a drop on the roof of your mouth
  • Make capsules with essential oils

When you are putting essential oils in water it is important to always use a glass cup or glass water bottle. Essential oils can eat away at plastic, releasing toxins in your water. 

Chemistry Alert

There are many articles online that tout that you should *never* ingest essential oils and that if you put drops of oil in water, they will simply sit on the surface and not mix. This is not entirely true. If we go back to organic chemistry (who knew I would be using it now) essential oils molecules are made of chemical components such a hydroxyl groups, phenols, and ketones that are slightly water soluble. So the constituents in the essential oils will disperse throughout the water.

A note on capsules

I recommend using delayed release capsules. These types of capsules can withstand the acidic environment of the stomach and make it through to the small intestine where they will be broken down and the oils will be released.

Although essential oils will still work when taken internally, there is some evidence that they will not be as potent and some of the beneficial constituents *may* be destroyed in the stomach, therefore you would need more oils. An extensive search through google scholar did not produce any studies that say that stomach acid can degrade essential oils or lessen their therapeutic effects, but sometimes I wonder, so until I find evidence, I am going with what makes sense in my mind.

*You never have to ingest oils. It is completely up to you and what you feel comfortable with. There are so many other ways to use and benefit from essential oils. HOWEVER, if you do decided that you would like to ingest oils, I only recommend Young Living because of their quality and Seed to Seal guarantee. 


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