August 22, 2016

recipe substitutions - lime essential oil for lime juice

When you can substitute lime oil or lime juice in recipes and when you don't want to.

Essential oils* used in cooking, like lime vitality essential oil can be a great addition to many recipes. The flavor that essential oils bring to recipes cannot be matched by juice or an extract.

However, there are recipes and ingredients where simply substituting with an essential oil will actually not enhance the flavor of that recipe.

This video explains when you can substitute lime essential oil for lime juice and when you will just want to add lime oil without substituting for the juice.

*If you are thinking of using essential oils in cooking or for ingestion, only use reputable sources and do your research. I only trust Young Living essential oils for ingestion. No other company matches their quality and dedication to making the best oils on the planet. 

If you are looking for some fantastic recipes using lime check out:


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