December 30, 2017

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Best of 2017 on suzyandco

The best of 2017 on These are some of my favorite things from 2017 from the suzyandco blog, instagram, events, and books. 2017 was a great year with a lot of things to be grateful for and a lot of personal growth.

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The ONE Thing - This quote is from the book The One Thing. book has been instrumental in helping me focus and streamline my life. I have never been a good multi-tasker and this book made me realize none of us are. Being able to focus on one thing and do it well can get you so much farther than trying to do too much. It is so key to be able to say no more and do less but better. If you want to focus in 2018. I HIGHLY recommend this book!

Simple Homemade Bread - This year I have mastered homemade bread. I had a couple bad loaves, but very few. This simple bread recipe has worked just about every time and takes a=only about 3 hours. So you can have fresh bread for dinner every night, without any over-processed ingredients!

Live Simply so you can...Clean less - I love this quote. I came up with it myself which I am pretty proud of :) Having less stuff not only clears your mind, but it makes cleaning your house so much easier!! And let's face it, I think everyone would love to cut down on chores to be able to do more of what we love.

Walking the Stage at the Young Living Convention - This year I hit Silver rank with Young Living. I know for most of you not in the business of Young Living, you don't really know what that means. But for me, it was a big goal and a big rank that I wanted to achieve. hitting Silver means I am making a part time income with Young Living and actually making more than if I had a part time job making minimum wage. It means I can continue to be a work-at-home-mom. I can make my own hours and work my own way. Although everyones path is different when you have a Young living business, the potential is huge. Here is the income disclosure. These are REAL numbers of what people are making. And these are REAL people who I interact with daily. Not some random person who you think you could never be. INCOME DISCLOSURE

1000 in 100 Challenge - Even though I wrote this post last year I have continued using this checklist to get rid of things AND I know it has inspired some friends to declutter as well - which totally warms my heart. Knowing I am inspiring others to simplify is amazing. The checklist link is in the blog.

Simple Homemade Tortillas - Another simple recipe that I feel I have mastered. Homemade tortillas are vastly better than any store-bought. I cannot even bring myself to buy store-bought anymore. If you have ever wanted to try making tortillas I promise it is simple.

One of my favorite pictures from 2017 - This picture was taken at the Young Living Lavender Fields in Mona Utah. I was actually able to plant lavender myself. This picture is with one of the farmers who work there. As we were planting Gary Young - the founder of Young Living - was flying in on his helicopter. When I asked this farmer how it was working for Gary young, he put his hand on his heart and said "he has a big heart" I am so proud to represent a company with the values they have. Not only do the treat their employees amazingly, they also respect the land and sustainability is something they take very seriously. You can see more about their Seed to Seal policy.

5 Single Use kitchen Tools you should Throw Away - This was one of my favorites because it got so much good interaction on facebook. People loved commenting on which tools they had and which they don't.  Not sure anyone threw away anything from my post, but maybe it got them thinking :)

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