July 8, 2018

how to make a happyness roller

Happy roller essential oil roller
Everyone needs some more happyness in their lives.
Gratitude, friendship, love, connection, simplicity, and yes, essential oils, can all bring happiness to our lives.

There is a lot of science behind how essential oil molecules work. When you use essential oils, the molecules enter the limbic system which is your emotional center of the brain and is closely tied to memories.

Have you ever smelled a recipe or some old linens and you were immediately taken back to a time years earlier. Maybe at your grandparents house, your elementary school, an aunt's house. We have all experienced that phenomena. The sense of smell is linked to our memories and can be a powerful therapeutic method.

Although essential oils are becoming more main stream, I still think there are people who are unsure if they really work or if they are the placebo effect.

However, if you go on pubmed, which is a database for scientific journals, you will see a plethora (love that word) of articles that support the research behind using essential oils.

One of our favorite oils for boosting the mood is called Joy. It is a combination of Ylang Ylang, Geranium, Jasmine, Palmarosa, and Rose essential oil. It is my daughter's favorite oil.

In our happyness oil, I took Joy and combined it with a couple other oils to make the ultimate happy roller.

Rollers are a simple way to use your oils in a convenient roll-on application. I usually get my rollers from Amazon. The last pack I got were these 5ml rollers.

To make your Happyness Roller, just follow the recipe in the video.

For more information about essential oils, I have a section Simply Oils that reviews he most common questions.

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