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Hi. I'm Suzy, the real person behind suzyandco. I am a California native now living in New Jersey. I am a nutritionist, wife & mother and have always been into healthy eating and natural products.

Whatever your path is to wellbeing, my goal is to help you get there.

My Nutrition Background

I have a master’s degree in nutrition and have taught nutrition and health classes to children and adults. Although I am now a stay-at-home-mom, my passion for nutrition and real food has not waned. 5+ years ago I started blogging as a way to help a wider audience with their nutrition goals. My old blogs - suzyhomemaker and realfoodsimple - were dedicated to food and nutrition. NOw all those post and recipes are repackaged here on suzy&co in one place. 

My Essential Oil Background

About 3 years ago, I started my journey with essential oils. I was first introduced to essential oils 10+ years ago. I was working at a health food store. I just thought that they smelled nice and could be used instead of perfume. I never took the time to really learn about them. 

In 2014, several friends starting using essential oils regularly and posting about them on social media. I thought it was all hype. Yet, I continually read their posts and became more intrigued.

Then in the beginning of 2015 I decided to order oils from Young Living and see what all the buzz was about. After using them for one day - yes, one day! - I was hooked. I used an oil for stress during a DIY project and immediately noticed how calm and cool my hubby was in a situation where normally he would not be. 

That first week I actually was continually surprised at the amount of uses for the oils and how much they were helping me and my family. I admit, at first I was a skeptic, but now I love essential oils and I know they work.

You can see my young Living story from skeptic to advocate. 


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