I chose Young Living for my family. There are many essential oil companies out there and many may be good, but for me and my family I wanted the best. And I think Young Living is the best. They are 100% pure; they own their own farms; they own their distilleries. They are in charge of all the steps along the way from Seed To Seal®.

Why Young Living is different - My Coffee Analogy

When you brew a pot of coffee, the first cup of that coffee is going to be the strongest. If you filled your mug with that first cup before all the coffee had been brewed, you would be getting a much more potent cup of Joe. The rest of the coffee is still 100% coffee, nothing added, nothing taken away. But that tenth cup that gets brewed from the same beans is not going to be as strong as the first, and the entire pot of coffee will not be as strong as that first cup.

This is like Young Living oils. When distilling essential oils, there is something called first distillation vs complete distillation. Complete distilled oils can still be 100% pure. They could still have nothing added and nothing taken away, but they do not have the highest therapeutic constituents as a first distill. Therefore, they will not be as strong.

When a company like YL chooses to only sell first distill, they are potentially losing money from the rest of the "pot". They could sell many many more bottles of oil by using complete distill vs first, but the oils will not be as concentrated with the beneficial therapeutic properties. That is what makes YL and their choice of selling (almost) only first distill different and better.

It is also why a 100% pure oil from a drugstore may not work as well or have the same affect on our bodies.


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